FORPAG Policies.

Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens (FRPAG)

Safeguarding Policy Statement

The Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens believes that it is always unacceptable for a child, young person or vulnerable adult to experience abuse of any kind and FRPAG recognises its responsibility to safeguard their welfare, by a commitment to practice that which protects them.

The FRPAG further believe that they have a duty to consider all safeguarding issues in conjunction with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council for users of the Park and Gardens.

We recognise that:

  • The welfare of the child/young person/vulnerable adult is paramount
  • All children/young people and vulnerable adults, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse.
  • Working in partnership with children, young people, vulnerable adults, their parents/carers and other agencies is essential to safeguard users and promote their welfare.

Purpose of this policy:

  • To protect the children/young people/vulnerable adults who use services provided by the Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens.
  • To provide the FRPAG Committee and volunteers with guidance on procedures they should adopt if they suspect someone is experiencing, or be at risk of, harm.
  • This policy applies to all committee members, volunteers and anyone working on behalf of the FRPAG. (All staff/contractors employed by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council when working in the Park and Gardens must adhere to the Borough Council’s Safeguarding Policy)

We will seek to safeguard all users of FRPAG organised events and services by:

  • Valuing them, listening to and respecting them.
  • Adopting child protection guidelines through procedures and a code of conduct for FRPAG Committee members and other volunteers.
  • Recruiting volunteers safely ensuring all necessary checks are made.
  • Sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know and involving parents and children/young people/vulnerable adults appropriately.
  • Providing support for all volunteers and if working with children/young people/vulnerable adults provide appropriate training.

The FRPAG Committee’s named person to whom all safeguarding/child protection concerns should be referred in the first place is Mick Hogben, a volunteer with the FRPAG.

The Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens is committed to reviewing our Safeguarding Policy bi-annually or on receiving further advice from Dorset County Council.


Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens (FRPAG)

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens Committee fully accept and welcome that society consists of many diverse groups and individuals and this diversity is an asset to the community, we also recognise that certain groups and individuals are discriminated against and we are opposed to this.

We recognise that:

The FRPAG committee recognise that we have a moral and legal responsibility to promote equal opportunities and we will pursue equality in all of our work.

Our commitment:

This document has been prepared to set out FRPAG committee’s commitment and as a statement of its intent. The Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure effective implementation.

FRPAG is an Equal Opportunities Organisation. It is committed to the development of policies to provide for equality of opportunity in all aspects of its work. The FRPAG committee will work to ensure that all our services are provided in a way that promotes awareness of the rights and needs of people from minority groups and enables all people to access to them.

The FRPAG committee will take whatever steps are necessary including, if appropriate, use of the mechanisms laid out in the code of conduct, to enforce the Policy. In addition, anyone connected to our organisation, committee member, helper, or volunteer who considers that he/she is suffering from unequal treatment on any grounds may use this policy to bring it to the committee’s attention for action.

The FRPAG Committee will bring to the attention of all members, and volunteers the provisions of the policy and will provide such training as is necessary to ensure the effective implementation of the Policy.

The FRPAG Committee shall have responsibility for the operation of the Policy. However, all committee members, volunteers and members have a duty to do everything they can to ensure that the Policy operates in practice.

 Code of Conduct:

  • People will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age.
  • At all times people’s feelings will be valued and respected. Language or humour that people find offensive will not be used, e.g. sexist or racist jokes or terminology that is deemed derogatory.
  • No one will be harassed, abused, excluded or intimidated on the grounds of their race, sex, age, nationality, disability, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Foul, insulting, abusive or racist remarks will not be tolerated from anyone associated with the organisation and behaviour of this type may lead to expulsion from the organisation. Incidents of harassment will be taken seriously. If the matter cannot be resolved by way of an acceptable apology and an undertaking that the offence will not be repeated, the following action will be taken:
  1. The person in question will be requested to attend a meeting of the full FRPAG Committee to explain their actions
  2. In the case of a helper/volunteer, action may be taken as appropriate and if deemed necessary their involvement with the organisation may cease.
  3. In a case involving a member of the organisation, membership to the organisation may be withdrawn.

 Any directly involved person has the right to appeal against a decision made by the FRPAG committee who will consider that appeal before a decision is made and that decision will be final.


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