Weymouth’s Long Lost Estuary

Historically though, the Backwater was exactly that, a back water as opposed to the sea front. Weymouth, or to be more precise, what used to be Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, were two separate settlements that were divided by this estuary. (The name Weymouth: of course means mouth of the river Wey)

Revealed;- Some Hidden Gems; Radipole Park and Gardens

Watching bats sweeping to and fro in these gardens are one of my treasured childhood memories, though what they were probably feeding on, not such good memories! Playing tennis in the evenings usually meant you spent more time swiping away those mozzies who seemed determined to devour you.

Hayley and her Hedgehogs;Why Protecting our Wildlife Really Matters

Every green space and public garden in Weymouth boasts its own identity and character. Greenhill is manicured to perfection, a cacophony of bedding plants fill their beds, Nothe gardens enjoy stunning sea views and rugged rock paths and steps. Here at Radipole we have our own identity that we are very proud of. Sometimes referred…

Wet & Windy Weather Warning; Radipole Park 1955-2012

I spend some of my time researching old images, and often come across real gems, albeit ┬áby mistake. (Also makes it very hard not to go off on a tangent!) Such was the case over the weekend when someone posted a wonderful photo of old Weymouth. Intrigued I hastened over to the site and uncovered…