What More Can We Say? Thank You For ALL Your Support

It’s that time of year, Christmas done and dusted, visiting families returned from whence they came, beds stripped, washed and remade, cats enjoying last remnants of the turkey, me praying for a swift return to those lighter evenings, and our thoughts turn towards what was and what will be.

Plants Galore Sausage Rolls and Sensory Gardens

Nope, I’m not having one of my dizzy moments. i’m hoping some of you good folk will come along and help us for a variety of reasons. This coming Saturday 18th May is our annual plants sale in the Radipole United Church hall on Spa Road 10-12. The first good reason to help is that…

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, Scones and Home Made Sausage Rolls?

You might be wondering what connection these eclectic objects have with Radipole Gardens. Well here’s the answer. On Saturday 19th May we are having our Plant and Gardens sale in Radipole United Reformed Church between 10am and 12 noon. Not only will there be a great selection of plants available… …trays of annuals to peruse….