Helping Hands are Always Welcome; Asda’s Green Tokens.

We’ve just crossed another wonderful event off our list.

Last Sunday’s Band in the Park was well attended, despite not only fierce competition from other large events in the area but also numerous, not to be missed, sporting finals on tv!

Weymouth Concert Brass Band July 2019

But as ever, we can’t rest on our laurels, it’s onwards and upwards with our fund raising for the Sensory garden, even more important as it’s only a couple of months away before the ground works start!

Events held in our gardens aren’t the only way we raise money, we also look to any grants available and various schemes whereby we can add to our coffers.

Over the next two months, July and August we are in Asda’a green token scheme in the Weymouth store.



So next time you pop in for your Asda shop

please, please, please

remember to ask for that little green token and pop it in our tube.

It might only be a small insignificent green plastic token to you


but to us it means so much more.

Money in our funds and enhancement for today’s and future generations of our beautiful gardens.

Thank you.

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