Summer is Here! Keeping it Simple

Our website was created to promote, inform about events and share our love of Radipole gardens here in Weymouth.

But sometimes it’s just nice to post simple photos of our stunning gardens.

Summertime mowing in Radipole gardens Weymouth

Weymouth parksmen busy mowing the grass in Radipole’s famous willow grove, ready for our next event. We are so lucky in that we have a dedicated parks department who are as passionate about our green spaces as we are.

Perennial borders in teh Princess Diana flower beds Radipole gardens

The flower beds in the Princess Diana memorial oval. Now planted with mixed perennials. These have replaced the old seasonal bedding plants which were expensive to raise annually and maintain.

The beds just get better year on year and buzzing with wildlife.

Scented Phlox in Radipole gardens 2019

The Phlox this year seemed to have been on steroids, reaching skywards! Rather aptly, its scent was heavenly.

Unsure of the variety though, hopefully will catch Radipole’s gardener, Andy next time to ask.

Princess Diana beds Radipole gardens 2019

Salvias, Alstroemerias, Agapanthus and Heleniums thrive in these conditions.

Blue salvia Radipole gardens 2019 cannasue

Being so close to the sea the salvias survive outdoors and grow into magnificent clumps.

Looking down through the serpentine path Radipole gardens 2019

Peering through the flower beds down the 1930’s serpentine path designed by world reknown 19th/20th century landscape architects Milner White and Son.

central flower beds Radipole gardens 2019 cannasue

More of the stunning central beds, with ornamental grasses, Stipa gigantea, used to great effect.

verbean bonariensis against yellow foliage Radipole gardens 2019 cannasue

It’s not just the central oval that is bursting with colour, here a stand alone group of purple Verbena bonariensis has been planted against bright yellow foliage.

The story logs Radipole gardens 2019 cannasue

As part of the plan to help wildlife, fallen trees are put to use.

This old trunk was left in place where it was felled, now home to all manner of bugs.

Also popular with children and a base for story telling for visiting nursery groups.

Radipole gardens a popular walk Weymouth 2019 cannasue

No wonder stunning Radipole gardens are a popular destination with Weymouth folk.

Nothing like a stroll in the park to lift your spirits.



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