Wet & Windy Weather Warning; Radipole Park 1955-2012

I spend some of my time researching old images, and often come across real gems, albeit  by mistake. (Also makes it very hard not to go off on a tangent!)

Such was the case over the weekend when someone posted a wonderful photo of old Weymouth. Intrigued I hastened over to the site and uncovered a wealth of Weymouth images going way back in history. Prompted by todays less than springtime weather, I though these very apt.

Flooding Radipole Park Drive 1955 Weymouth IMG_1532

Flooding of Radipole Park Drive in 1955. The only reason I remember this date is because it was the year I was born and my Mum always used to tell me about that year when the water came up over the railway lines opposite where we lived.

22616 Floods 1955 Weymouth © CCO

And at Melcombe Regis end, I think the swans enjoyed their foray into the gardens.

22615 Flooding Weymouth 1955 II

Who doesn’t remember where the old model railway ran from and then the Fun fair park! Love all the lads there probably daring one another to wade in.

22613 floods Park District 1955 Weymouth © DCM via CCO

Of course the Park District, similar to Radipole park and gardens was also created on a flood plain.

And in 2012?


Deja Vu!

All the black and white photos are acknowledged to the Channel Coast Observatory and copyright of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society.

This fascinating website should you be interested is the  Channel Coast Observatory Gallery.




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