Radipole Swings into Spring; Birds Galore and Crocus Walk in Radipole Gardens

There are some days when you just love where you live.

Radipole sits on the outskirts of town, close enough to walk in, but far enough out to escape chaos of summer traffic.

coloured underpass Radipole lake

Right on our doorstep is Radipole Lake and Bird Reserve and Radipole park and gardens which at the moment are a kaleidoscope of colour with the Crocus Walk in full bloom.

Swan Radipole lake

On a beautiful February day what better than a short stroll to take in the best of both.

Birds Radipole reserve

The great outdoors and nature sure lifts the spirits.

Crocus Walk Feb 2019 Radipole gardens

Lots of people out to stop and admire the crocus walk which this year is sensational.


Crocus walk 2019 Feb Radipole gardens

Ribbons of colour flood the gardens.

people admiring crocus walk in Radipole gardens Feb 2019

Bringing out the walkers and photographers.

Crtocus walk and story log Feb 2019

Even the resident wildlife obliged a pose.

Bird in Radipole gardens

Looking for shade in February???

looking back through the crocus walk Feb 2019

People stand and admire

people admiring the crocus walk Radipole gardens 2019

Crocus Walk end 2019

Isn’t nature magical!

Crocus Radipole gardens 2019

Her colour palettes second to none.



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