Your Opinions Matter on Wildlife in Radipole Park and Gardens

As part of our lottery bid, because of course its something very close to our hearts anyway, we would love to hear peoples opinions on what we can do to help the biodiversity of our beautiful green space.

YL Radipole Poster.pdf (002) yl

This is open invitation to anyone who would love to come along and hear what the future holds for all manner of flora and fauna  in Radipole Park and Gardens.

Join us at 7pm on Thursday 15th November at the Weymouth Centenary Club in Jubilee close where there’s even free parking.

Wildlflowers Radipole gardens(Areas of long grass and springtime wildflowers in Radipole gardens.)

We’ll also be joined by nature expert Sam Hamer from the Dorset Wildlife Trust who’ll be giving a short talk on existing wildlife in the area and suggesting proposals for what can be done to improve the area for them.

The DWT are just one of the wildlife experts that we’ll be consulting with on how we can make improvements to make our Radipole park and gardens greener.

There are already have plans in the pipeline for a bog garden next to the wildflower meadow, there’s even talk of maybe bee hives or raised community allotment beds…who knows what else will come out of this, but it can only be all to the good for helping nature.

Having the great advantage of running alongside Radipole Lake nature reserve run by the RSPB, which teams with wildlife activity and is popular with birdwatchers, we aim to hopefully work in tandem and make our green space work in conjunction.

Spiders Radipole gardens

We’d love to hear your views too.

(We’re even enticing you in by offering refreshments!)

So if you’d love to enhance the future for our wildlife, now is the time to have your say.

Blackbird Radipole gardens

After all, we share the same planet, so we need to do all we can to make it a safe haven for all our nature.

fungi Radipole gardens



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  1. cannasue says:

    Looking forwards to this. See you on the night.


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