Oohhh Sweet Memories! Radipole Play Park and that Paddling Pool

This collection of old photos came to us via Weymouth Museum who have a vast set of images along with many historical items on the history of our area.

Next time you’re in Brewer’s Quay pop in and say hi to them, there’s even a book shop there that’s free to browse.

P.S. doing your family history…then check them out because you’ll be surprised what they have!

OK…I’ll fess up, so maybe I’m not quite old enough to remember back to the 1940’s which is when these incredible photos were taken of Radipole play park.

rp playing fields 25jun1940 1

But I certainly have sweet, if not sometimes slippery,  memories of its paddling pool!

rp playing fields 25jun1940 2

If you have any memories of your own we’d love to hear them and keep them for our living history, you never know, they might even appear on the wall of our Heritage cafe that’ll be built in the park,

rp playing fields 25jun1940 3



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