Can’t Beat a Good Old Brass Band in the Park; Music and Mmmmm…Cream Teas

The entertainment in Radipole gardens never stops.

This month we are lucky to have the wonderful Weymouth Concert Brass Band join us on Sunday 22nd July from 2-4pm.


What’s not to like?

It’s traditional.

It’s oozes good old nostalgia.

It’s free!

Radipole gardens Music in the Park 2017
Radipole gardens looking stunning at their Music in the Park event of 2017.

So mosey on down to Radipole gardens with your picnic rugs or comfy chairs, find yourselves a shady spot amongst the trees, grab a scrummy cream tea and sit back and enjoy.

P.S. Don’t forget to come and have a mooch around our Community tent


where you’ll find  a fascinating selection of Weymouth images throughout the years, shops, dance halls, theatres…how many little old grey cells will they jog?


Next month we have our biggie…keep an eye open because there is SO much going on and something for everyone to enjoy, from military and local WWII history to live music with the Decadettes and Mill Street Jazz Band.

Stalls and games, entertainment and excitement.




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