Get Snapping…Spot Our Wildlife in Radipole Park and Gardens

Now I know we have a lot of keen photographers on our website and FB pages….so we’re setting you a task. (This also applies to our lunchtime munch sitters and walking through-ers with their phone cameras.)

Blackbird Radipole gardens

Whilst you’re meandering the paths and park we would love it if you could capture what wildlife and nature you spot, from the tiniest bugs…

Leafcutter bee Radipole gardens

…to the biggest mammals.

There is a bit of method in this madness!

Spiders Radipole gardens

As part of our Heritage Lottery bid we have to have a record of our green spaces bio diversity, so we thought it might be a great way that you can all join in and help.


That way we can keep a permenant log of what’s been sighted and where and when.

So, lenses polished, fingers at the ready…get spotting and snapping.

We’re sure there’s mushroom for improvement (groans…)

fungi Radipole gardens

P.S my sister spotted a deer last year in the gardens…lets see who can top that one!



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