Teddies, Teddies and Yet More Teddies…Oh and a Few Rocks!

Our events keep on rolling in.

We have just had our meeting to finalise our next event in Radipole gardens, the Teddy Bears Picnic.


This year it is going to be a terrific totally tedfastic teddy fest…

Teacher Ted has been busy painting Alphabet Rocks for the little teddies…

Teacher Teddy

…only to find that naughty Tilley along with some of her mischievous pals have hidden them all around the gardens.


Poor old Teacher Teddy has spent hours searching for them, he’s searched high and low, on the ground and in the trees…


…maybe he needs a bit of help.

Can you come along on Saturday and help him to find them?

Clever Teddy has decided to turn it into a hunt, you can enter his game by buying your Alphabet quiz sheet (only 50p each) and then off you toddle…see how many Alphabet animals you can discover hidden around the gardens.

If you can find all the painted rocks and answer which animal belongs to each letter you might even win a little prize.

(Look out for naughty Tilley…she’ll be hiding somewhere watching you)


Or maybe you’d like a go on Teddy’s Pic’a’Pop, for the billy bargain of only 20p, lots of chances to find yourself taking home a new furry friend, from humongous rotund teddies to tiny teds.

Then there’s Big Bear who needs a new name and someone to take him home for some cuddly cuddles and love.

This year the teddies have invited some more of their furry friends who will be bringing along Weymouth’s Mayor.

They have planned a special Treasure Hunt…so lots more to search for and exciting things to do.

Why not have your face painted?

Or try one of the  free nature search sheets.

Have a go at giant dominoes or zumba under the pole.

Teddy hasn’t left out the adults, there’s refreshments and ice creams for them to enjoy.

So hurry along to Radipole gardens on Saturday 16th June between 11am and 3pm to join in the Teddy fun.

(P.S. don’t forget to bring your own cuddlies…they’ll enjoy it too.

Free entry to event.



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