Radipole Lake…More Nostalgia.

A couple more old photos have come in my possession thanks to my illicit night time trawling of the auction sites.

They show an extensive Radipole Lake before Radipole Park Drive and the gardens were created.

The first depicts a wonderful steam train as viewed from Alexander bridge.

Train railway and backwater 1920's before Radipole Park Drive and gardens were constructed.

I love the little fellow stood down by the old Western Parade that followed the lake’s shoreline, he’s watching the train puff on by.

I wonder how many of us have stood on that bridge crossing the lines during our childhood, smothered in smoke as they chuffed beneath us.

The second image is a view across the roof tops towards the lake, one can only assume the intrepid photographer was stood atop the Convent.

Radipole Lake Weymouth from the Convent.jpg

The building to the left is La Touraine as depicted in the advert below from an earlier holiday guide.

What I remember about passing this house day in day out during my childhood was it’s crazy paving drive with a raised fish pond in the middle…now there was posh!

This building was one of Weymouth’s more selective hotels which stood on a high spot and can still be seen from most places in and around Weymouth.

riots north briton history of england 1861


Radipole park and gardens is being supported by the Heritage Lottery Bid.

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