Social Media…Does It Come With Benefits?

People often crack on about social media and how it’s destroying the art of conversation,  mutterings of dire warnings about its use for any manner of nefarious reasons.

Well, I for one love it, not least because you can have interaction with literally hundreds of people that you might never come across in ‘real life.’

Such was the case this week.

Enjoying A general online natter with someone on one of our Facebook pages and up popped an old photo of the Radipole gardens playing fields!

(Many thanks to  Alan Appleby who gave me permission to post it on here.)

Radipole playpark

To say that I’ve been searching for something like this for a VERY long time is no exaggeration…it seems that no one ever had their photos taken in our park, or if they did they’ve since been filed away in some dusty drawer never again to see the light of day.

I wonder how many of you remember that seemingly oh so tall slide or enjoyed piling on with your pals on the old red metal rocking horse?

Do you have any old images of yourself or family in the Radipole playpark?

If so, we’d love to see them and be able to add them to out archives.

Who knows they might even be added to the display in our heritage cafe.

More exciting finds yet to come…sign up to receive notifications of any new postings and events.




Radipole Park and Gardens are being supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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  1. We used to play football and even cricket on the sportsfield next to the boating pool as well as tennis. Some of the football was evening kickabouts others wer Sunday Pubs League matches. The pitch suffered from flooding in wet weather. Best regards, Selwyn

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  2. Thanks for your memories Selwyn. Would be nice to get it back to that again. Fingers crossed, if we get through stage II of our Heritage Lottery Bid then the park will be revitalised.


  3. cannasue says:

    The old boating pool doubled as a paddling pool at times. Boats inevitable got stranded mid channel, so it dress tucked into knickers and off to salvage said vessel. Problem was, the ‘sea bed’ was slimy and slippery! Many a time I’ve rescues boat but slipped and got soaked in the process. Happy childhood memories.

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    1. Oh yes, soggy bottoms was a right of passage 🙂


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