Forget the Beast from the East…Spring has Sprung in Radipole Gardens

Depressed with all this talk of the Beast from the East… fear not!


Enjoy a leisurley stroll through Radipole Gardens and you’ll see that Spring is positively itching to get going.


Our Crocus Walk this year is off to a cracking start.


An absolute riot of colour assails your  senses


What was wonderful to see was the huge range of people and ages, all out enjoying our local gardens for any manner of reasons.


From a walk (or as in some cases…a toddle) to feed the wildlife…


(Angela McCann and a young very cheery chappie, Alfie Ray Keegan, enjoying themselves on one of their regular strolls through the gardens)


…to an artist enjoying its peace and beauty.

(Sorry I nattered to you for so long, hope you managed to get in some painting time!)

And then we have the one very bored other half…waiting (maybe not quite so) patiently on a convenient bench while his wife snaps and chatters!


What ever the reason get out and make the most of your local parks and gardens.

Before that Beast From the East get us!!!


Radipole Park and Gardens are being supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. cannasue says:

    We love the crocus walk in Spring. When we went so many people were just stood chatting to passersby and admiring them. Sure makes you think that springtime is here.


  2. Green spaces seem to have that effect on people. Everyone says hello or stops to chat. One lady at an event last year was nattering away to me, saying she lived on her own just over the bridge. To her, the gardens were her peace haven and somewhere outside of the four walls of her room. She always comes into the gardens when she’s feeling down and often ends up chatting to someone there.


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