A Walk in the Park

So fed up with the grey and gloomy days, it was literally a breath of fresh air to see the sun in the sky once more.

Garbed in numerous layers of warm clothing it was time to venture forth and see what’s happening down in the gardens.


The first things that caught my eye were the little crocus braving the cold winds, though it maybe wasn’t quite warm enough to persuade them to open fully.


But as anyone knows…these are purely the Hors d’Oeuvres to the main menu.

That comes later, when the lawns are literally smothered in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Other senses were awakened on my morning’s rambles.

I traced an intriguing scent to this beauty.



Not just one…but two colourful varieties, glowing in the sunlight like mini fireworks on sticks.


No Winters last forever;

no Spring skips its turn.

(Hal Borland)

It’s great how a spot of sunshine and a walk in the park can raise your spirits.


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