Childhood memories of Radipole playpark

To many people of a certain age this insignificant low wall will bring back many happy and fun-filled memories.

For those NOT of a certain age you may wonder what the dickens I’m on about.

P1030746 2

Let me explain…

This low, curvaceous stack of bricks once represented excitement and adventure, a place where your imagination could sail you off to foreign lands or reconstruct sea battles with your pals.

This was once a boating pool…come (very) impromptu paddling pool.

(Sadly, the image below isn’t Radipole boating pool, but if you search online, you’ll see just how popular they used to be. I wonder if any remain intact nowadays?)


Us kids would gather with all manner of floating vessels, from the poshest of yachts to mere floating bits of wood with a make shift mast and hankie sails.

As our mum’s would sit and natter sat on the side of the wall, we would lean over and launch our boats off into the wide blue yonder.

Though for some reason these nautical entities inevitably found themselves becalmed mid pool…and therefore caused a dilemma.

Did one use the longest branch you could find…or…did you dare set foot in the pool to retrieve said precious vessel?

I wonder how many of us nippers came a cropper on its super slippery slimy bottom and retreated with boat safely in grasp but dripping from head to toe.

Ah…sweet memories.


We are trying to gather people’s living memories of Radipole park and gardens.

You can find loads of old postcards of Weymouth’s other gardens, but very few of Radipole park…I wonder why?

Do you have any old photos of yourself or your family taken in them that you’d be willing to share with us?

We’d love to see them and maybe share them on here.


As a footnote if we succeed with our Heritage Lottery bid things will change again for the local children.

BIG plans are afoot for the new playpark.

Lottery Logo




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