Radipole Lake before Radipole Park

I love this old image in so many ways.

It is a snapshot of where I grew up in Hanover Road, living virtually next to the original Alexander Bridge shown here.

Weymouth backwater

But more importantly, it shows just how extensive  Radipole Lake ( the Backwater) was until Radipole Park Drive was built in the 1920’s and the land between the new road and railway lines was infilled for Radipole park and gardens in the 1930’s.

You can’t see it in the top image, but on the lake side of the railways lines stood the Western esplanade, created for Victorian nannies to walk their delicate charges along when the cold wind blew off the seafront.

westrn paradeFairy Frisket 1879

Once a year members of the Weymouth Corporation used to have to walk this stretch to make sure that the railway company didn’t gain possession of it by default.

Oh to be able to travel back in time.


We’re collecting as many old images and memories of this Radipole area as possible, collating a history timeline including people’s living memories.

If you have any images or personal recollections you’d be willing to share, please get in touch so we can record them for our history.

You never know, if we succeed with our Lottery bid, they might even appear in our Heritage Cafe once it’s up and running.


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  1. Ferenc Dobos says:

    Aw… What a shame! I wish Radipole Lake could be this big as it was before…. How good will be just to sit down on its shore in a quite corner of weymouth and have a big relax in the summer sunshine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do remember sitting on the side of the river Wey further upstream with my mum, opposite the Humpty Dumpty fields. It had a sandy, shingle bank, guess that was a legacy from when it was a tidal estuary.


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