Radipole Trees; Seek and Ye Shall See

I’m just as guilty of this as anyone!

Ever since I was a tiny tot these gardens have been my stomping ground.

I loved the space, the trees and flowers…and if truth be told, I was guilty of playing hide and seek in amongst the bushes. (But don’t tell the kids that)

Despite being a keen plants person, only over the last couple of years have I actually started to take note of what trees are in the gardens.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted this one in flower…which isn’t easy to do as it has reached a fair size and the large blooms are right at the top!


No mean feat to get this to flower.

It forms the buds at the end of the year and then needs to get them through the winter, and by its size I’m presuming that it might well be one of the original 1930’s plantings.


To combat it’s pernickety nature, many people cut it right back to the ground each year, and the next years stems and humungous leaves reach for the skies.

Tropical on steroids.

P1020417It’s name?

The Foxglove Tree

Or to be correct Paulownia tomentosa.

See if you can spot it next year in all its glory.


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